AMD’s Robert Hallock explains Ryzen 3rd Gen’s Precision Boost Overdrive tech

AMD's Robert Hallock explains Ryzen 3rd Gen's Prescision Boost Overdrive tech

AMD’s Robert Hallock explains Ryzen 3rd Gen’s Precision Boost Overdrive tech

AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation processors ship with a boatload of new features, but one of the most notable changes to the product stack comes in the form of improved support for Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO).

With Ryzen 2nd Generation, AMD’s Precision Boost Overdrive technology was designed to deliver more power to AMD’s processor to enable higher all-core boost clock speeds when specific power and cooling conditions were met, allowing a form of CPU overclocking that works entirely within AMD’s specifications. With Zen 2 and Ryzen 3rd Gen, this feature will get even better. 

How does AMD make things better? Simple, Ryzen 3rd Generation CPUs can now use precision boost overdrive to enable higher single-core boost clocks (up to 200MHz higher), maximising single-threaded performance while also delivering boosted all-core clock speeds. With this feature, AMD has provided automatic overclocking that offers both single-threaded and multi-threaded performance advantages, which is great news for both gamers and content creators. 

In the video below, AMD’s Robert Hallock describes the technology in detail, highlighting how the company’s Precision Boost Overdrive technology functions in practice, and why it is better than what the company offered with Ryzen 2nd generation CPUs. 

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