AMD’s Ryzen 9 6900HX “Rembrandt” Specifications Leak – Radeon 680M “RDNA 2” graphics listed

AMD's Ryzen 9 6900HX

AMD’s new Rembrandt APUs are shaping up to be mobile gaming monsters

Rumour has it that AMD plans to reveal Ryzen 6000 series Mobile CPUs at CES 2021, utilising Rembrandt silicon that features refined Zen 3 CPU cores and an RDNA 2 integrated graphics component.

With their Ryzen 9 6900HX processor, AMD’s reportedly delivering a processor with eight cores and sixteen threads. This chip is said to be made using TSMC’s 6n m technology, allowing AMD to squeeze more performance and power efficiency out of their latest chips.

Sadly, AMD’s Ryzen 9 6900HX doesn’t appear to be using AMD’s V-Cache technology. This chip is said to feature 20 MB of L2+L3 Cache, with 4 MB being L2 Cache while 16 MB is L3 Cache. That said, it is unknown whether this cache features any improved characteristics when compared to AMD’s older Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors. AMD;s Ryzen 9 6900HX reportedly features a CPU boost clock speed of 4.6 GHz. 

On major change with AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series of mobile processors is its support for DDR5 memory, offering users a tremendous bandwidth boost over older Ryzen mobile processors. This should come as great news for gamers, as AMD’s Ryzen iGPUs have often been bandwidth-limited.

GPU-wise, AMD’s Ryzen 6900HX could feature an RDNA 2 iGPU with up to 12 CUs. This GPU section is reportedly called the Radeon 680M. If recent rumours are accurate, AMD’s iGPUs will benefit from moving from the Vega architecture to RDNA 2, and from an increased CU count.

If AMD’s APU features 12 CUs, AMD’s latest CPUs will feature up to a 50% increase in active GPU CUs. Add on the benefits of AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture and DDR5 memory, and AMD’s latest APUs should be able to power through most games.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S features an APU with 20 RDNA 2 CUs. With 12 CUs, AMD’s Rembrandt APUs won’t be as powerful, but they will be more than good enough to play most PC games, especially older titles. 

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AMD's Ryzen 9 6900HX