AMD’s Zen 4/Ryzen 5th Gen CPUs will likely require a new socket – They told us in 2017

Zen 4 will likely require a new socket - AMD told us in 2017

Zen 4/Ryzen 5th Gen will likely require a new socket – AMD told us in 2017

Talking about rumours may be fun, but sometimes the tech press can get a little carried away, mixing up legitimate information with rumours and vice versa. This has created a situation where tech enthusiasts can no longer believe what they read, which is a shame. 

Now, rumours are spreading that AMD’s Zen 4 series of processors (Ryzen 5th Gen/5000) will require a new CPU socket. This information comes from a “leaked” roadmap, which supposedly confirms that AMD plans to ditch their AM4 socket in 2021. The problem here is that this isn’t a rumour. This shift has been in AMD’s roadmap since the release of Zen; making today’s new socket stories little more than clickbait for the most part. 

These rumours stem from a “leaked” slide which states that AMD’s Zen 4 based “Genoa” series of EPYC CPUs would utilise a new “SP5 platform”. In his presentation, AMD’s Martin Hilgeman stated that SP5 would offer a new socket, a new memory type (likely DDR5) and other “new capabilities”. This information came from HPC AI Advisory Council’s 2019 UK Conference, who uploaded a video of AMD’s presentation onto YouTube. This video has since been taken down. 

Let’s be clear; this information is official. AMD may not have wanted their presentation to be made public, but this is nonetheless AMD information from the mouth of an AMD representative. However, it is wrong to link EPYC’s jump to a new socket/motherboard platform with the future of Ryzen and AM4. Thankfully, we have another source that confirms that AMD plans to shift away from AM4 in 2021. 

AMD reveals early Zen 3/Milan architecture details and Zen 4/Genoa plans

Back in 2017, two years ago, AMD confirmed that they planned to support socket AM4 until 2020. Assuming AMD stuck to its roadmap, this would mean that AM4 would support AMD’s Ryzen 2nd Generation, Ryzen 3rd Generation and Ryzen 4th Generation processors. In 2021, AMD would move away from AM4. That’s the plan. 

Today’s there are rumours that AMD will move away from AM4 in 2021 with their Zen 4/Ryzen 5th Gen processors. These reports shouldn’t be reported as rumours. We have known this for two years. Furthermore, these rumours are based on the assumption that AMD’s EPYC roadmap will apply to AM4, which is a dubious link at best. 

At best, these AM4 rumours are a rehash of two-year-old information. By the time the information becomes relevant, it will be four years old. Headlines such as “Waiting to upgrade for AMD Zen 4? You may need a new motherboard” are clickbait. Should you expect a 3-generations-old motherboard platform to have more than two more generations of support? At that point, you’re expecting too much from AMD. 

AMD reaffirms commitment to AM4 socket until 2020

AMD has been promising AM4 support until 2020 since the launch of Ryzen. The release of socket AM5 (or whatever AMD calls it) in 2021 is practically a certainty. Please bear this in mind when another website tries to call this a rumour or try to dress this up as new information. 

AMD commits to their AM4 socket until 2020

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