Arrandale CPU to Have Graphics Switch

Arrandale CPU to Have Graphics Switch
Intel’s new 32nm Arrandale CPU will support switchable graphics that will allow users to turn the IGP off and switch to a discrete chip for graphics processing. The feature would allow users to draw more power for their CPU as and when required.
Both ATI and NVIDIA have discrete chips and drivers that are capable of switching the discrete chip on or off as required. When the discrete chip is turned off, all graphics processing is handled by the IGP. Intel will now be providing this feature in its Arrandale notebook CPU, which will come with 45nm graphics in an MCP packaging.
Depending on user requirements, the Arrandale graphics will handle spreadsheets and other basic operations, but pass-on graphics processing to the discrete chip at a user command. Gaming enthusiasts would welcome this feature as they are generally not too keen on using Intel’s graphics, which more often than not fall short of their requirements.
But the news is not all good as the soon to be launched Clarksfield quad-core notebook CPU will not carry this feature. Neither the CPU nor the Mobile Series 5 chipset will feature an integrated graphics card and so Intel has decided to do away with this feature for the series.
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