ASRock sheds light on Intel’s next-gen Raptor Lake Refresh

ASRock sheds light on Intel's next-gen Raptor Lake Refresh

ASRock expects Intel to release new processors in October

In a post shared on the social media website Weibo, ASRock has revealed details about Intel’s next generation core processors, the company’s rumoured “Raptor Lake Refresh”, revealing performance details about Intel’s new processors. 

According to the post, Intel are expected to launch a new generation of processors this October, and these CPUs will be supported on existing Intel 600-series and 700-series chipset motherboards. Additionally, Intel’s new flagship is expected to deliver a 4-8% increase in single-threaded CPU performance and an 8-15% increase in multi-threaded workloads.

In terms of memory support, Intel’s new generation of processors is expected to officially support DDR5-6400 memory modules, suggesting that Intel has improved the memory controller on these new processors. These new CPUs from Intel should support both DDR5 and DDR4 memory, but moving forward Intel and motherboard manufacturers appear to be focusing on DDR5 memory. 

ASRock sheds light on Intel's next-gen Raptor Lake Refresh

Users of Intel 600-series and 700-series motherboards will be able to update their board’s UEFI/BIOS to enable support for Intel’s next-generation processors ahead of launch. As expected from a “Refresh” these processors will not deliver huge architectural leaps over their predecessors, though they should deliver notable performance gains through clock speed increases and higher core counts.

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