Beta BIOS update locks up Gigabyte Z790 motherboards

A beta BIOS update from Gigabyte is causing systems to lock-up

According to a report from Uniko’s Hardware, a recent beta BIOS update from Gigabyte has been wreaking havoc amongst Intel Z790 motherboard users. The update itself promises Intel i9-14900KS CPU support and Intel APO support, but what it delivered was BIOS freezing and system lockups.

The update reportedly contains a bug that can cause the user’s BIOS to freeze, preventing them from making changes to BIOS settings. This issue has been reported by a lot of users. The bug seemingly affects a wide range of Z790 motherboard and both Intel 14th and 13th generation CPU users. As of now, Gigabyte has not commented on this bug and their problematic Z790 BIOS update remains available to download.

Users of Gigabyte Z790 motherboards should avoid this beta BIOS update and stick to non-BETA firmware/BIOS updates. Gigabyte will hopefully address this issue with a new BIOS update. Z690 motherboards do not have access to is problematic BIOS update from Gigabyte, making those motherboards immune to this issue.

If you own a Gigabyte Z790 motherboard, you should avoid updating your BIOS. Well, at least for now.

You can join the discussion on Gigabyte’s problematic Z790 Beta BIOS update on the OC3D Forums.

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