Coming Soon – Intel teases Sapphire Rapids workstation processors

Coming Soon - Intel teases Sapphire Rapids workstation processors

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids Workstation processors are coming soon, returning Intel to the HEDT CPU market

Intel has started to tease their Sapphire Rapids series of workstation processors, CPUs that should offer users huge core counts, support for vast amounts of DDR5 memory, and tonnes of PCIe 5.0 connectivity. These CPUs are designed to be number crunching monsters that will tear through renders and accelerate workflows. 

With their latest teaser, Intel has confirmed that their Sapphire Rapids workstation processors are “coming soon”, which means that we should expect an official reveal in early 2023. It is possible that Intel will showcase their new Sapphire Rapids processors at CES 2023, though this has not been confirmed.

Sadly, not much concrete information about Intel’s Sapphire Rapids processors have been confirmed in Intel’s video teaser, though the video confirms that Intel’s Sapphire rapids have completed their final validation tests and that their results are “really good”. If you want real-world performance data, you will need to wait until Intel’s official Sapphire Rapids reveal.

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids processors have been in the works for a long time, both for the server market and for the workstation market. These processors are said to feature up to 56 cores and 112 threads, and recent leaks have suggested that Intel’s Sapphire Rapids workstation processors will be supported on new X790 series motherboards.

Sapphire Rapids is Intel’s response to AMD’s Threadripper PRO series of workstation processors, which have gobbled up Intel’s market share within the HEDT CPU market. Intel now has a chance to regain its position within the HEDT market, though it is undeniable that AMD has Zen 4 based Ryzen 7000 Threadripper PRO CPUs on the horizon to take on Sapphire Rapids.   

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