Der8auer’s Delid-Die-Mate-X is now available for pre-order

Der8auer's Delid-Die-Mate-X is now available for pre-order

Der8auer’s Delid-Die-Mate-X is now available for pre-order

With the release of almost every new Intel CPU, PC enthusiasts the world over start searching for dedicated delidding tools, allowing users to replace the thermal paste that Intel uses on their latest CPUs to increase thermal efficiency and lower CPU load temperatures.  
Since the release of Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X no professional-grade X299 delid tools have been released onto the consumer market, though some larger retailers have been able to sell pre-delidded X299 CPUs to users directly. 
Now Der8auer’s X299 Delid-Die-Mate-X delidding tool has been released onto the consumer market, with a price tag of £74.99 and a promise to quickly and easily delidX299 CPUs with no damage and to achieve lower thermals of around 10-20 degrees when used with a premium thermal paste. 
These lower thermals will be invaluable to overclockers as well as those who desire a quieter system. Lower thermals will offer increased overclocking headroom without throttling and will also give users the ability to use lower RPM fans without running into as many thermal issues. 

  Der8auer's Delid-Die-Mate-X is now available for pre-order

(This is a picture of Der8auer’s Delid-Die-Mate-X prototype)



– Practical tool for removing the heat spreader of a CPU
– Quick, easy, and most importantly – no damage
– Manufactured from premium anodised black aluminium
– Compatible with current Intel Skylake X & Kaby Lake X processors
– Safe and convenient professional-level overclocking!

***Important Warning!***
The removal of the CPU heat spreader is performed at your own risk and always results in the complete invalidation of the manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty 


Technical Details:

– Dimensions: TBD mm
– Type: CPU Heat Spreader Remover
– Material: Aluminium / Stainless Steel
– Colour: Anodised Black
– Compatible with all Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors using socket 2066


– 1x Delid Die Mate X
– 1x Allen Key
– 1x Positioning aid for re-application


You can Pre-order Der8auer’s Delid-Die-Mate-X at Overclockers UK. 


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