Disappointing Specs – MSI leaks Intel 14th Generation CPU Data

Dissapointing Specs - MSI leaks Intel 14th Generation CPU Data

MSI leaks Intel’s 14th generation CPU lineup – Only their i7-14700K offers users a real upgrade

In a video from MSI, which has now been unpublished, the company revealed a lot of new information about Intel’s upcoming 14th generation of Core processors, the company’s “Raptor Lake-S Refresh”. The video showcased the core/thread counts of Intel’s planned K-series i5, i7, and i9 models, and details the generational performance gains that these CPUs will offer. 

For the most part, the upgrades that are offered by Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh are minor, with the largest upgrade coming to the i7-14700K, which will feature 4 additional E-cores and its associated L3 cache. This gives the i7-14700K eight P-cores and twelve E-cores. When compared to Intel’s existing Raptor Lake processors, Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs offer users no architectural enhancements. 

In the slide below, Intel has detailed the changes that Raptor Lake features over the company’s 12th generation Alder Lake processors. Below MSI has noted increased core counts, additional L3 cache, and support for faster DDR5 memory. Aside from a minor clock speed increase, Intel’s 14th Generation Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs offer no additional upgrades, aside from increased core counts for some CPU models. 

Dissapointing Specs - MSI leaks Intel 14th Generation CPU Data

On average, MSI has stated that Intel’s new 14th generation CPUs are around 3% faster than their predecessors on average. For the i7-14700K, the CPU is said to be on average 17% faster in multi-threaded workloads due to its increased E-core count.

This leak paints a disappointing picture for Intel, as it signals that Intel’s latest processors offer purchasers a minuscule generational performance leap. This means that the impact of these new processors on the CPU landscape will be minimal, unless Intel are aggressive with 14th generation CPU pricing.

Dissapointing Specs - MSI leaks Intel 14th Generation CPU Data

Intel are expected to launch their 14th generation processors at their Intel Innovation event in September. 14th generation processors are expected to be on store shelves later this year.  

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