Faster and easier PC builds – ASUS teases new Q-series fast-installation motherboard tech

Faster and easier PC builds - ASUS teases new Q-series fast-installation motherboard tech

ASUS continues to make PCs easier to build with their latest Q-series motherboard innovations

Over the past few years, ASUS has been working to make PC building easier thanks to the addition of their Q-series of “Fast & Easy” motherboard innovations. These additions are designed to make PC building easier, not to make PCs faster, and have transformed many PC building tasks from a chore to being utterly simplistic. Several of ASUS’ Q-series design changes have already been adopted by ASUS’ competitors, and it is easy to see why. The easier it is the build a PC, the better.

Before discussing ASUS’ latest Q-series innovation, we will describe two recent changes that have been a godsend to OC3D as a hardware analysis and review website. ASUS’ Q-Release and Q-Latch features. 

Q-Release adds a button to ASUS motherboards that allows users to quickly detach PCIe devices from their motherboards without having to press a PCIe 16x slot’s latch. This latch is often very hard to press, either due to nearby heatsinks, thick GPU backplates and other obstructions. Simply put, it is often hard to detach graphics cards from PCIe slots without using a tool to open these latches, and ASUS’ Q-Release feature makes doing this a simple button press. 

With Q-Release, ASUS made the installation of M.2 SSDs incredibly simple thanks to tier use of a screw-free latching system. This eliminated the need for those tiny M.2 SSD screws that are far too easy to drop and lose track of. This innovation has since been adopted by almost all motherboard manufacturers, making PC building a much simpler process.

So what has ASUS targeted next with their Q-series of easy and fast PC building add-ons. With Q-Antenna ASUS are targeting WIFI antennas, specifically the fiddly rotating fasteners that they often use. With Q-Antenna, ASUS are making the WIFI antennas of new motherboards simple snap on attatchments, turning a fiddly fastening process into a simple push fit. 

While ASUS’ Q-series hardware changes are not going to increase your framerates of decrease your system’s render times, they do make the process of building and upgrading your PC faster and easier. Let’s face it, the faster you can build or upgrade your PC, the faster you can enjoy your new hardware and run it through its paces. While ASUS’ Q-series motherboard add-ons are not game-changing, they are helping to make PC building an easier process for everyone, and that is a good thing for all of us.  

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