i3 CPUs with six cores! Intel 14th Gen CPU Core Counts Leak

i3 CPUs with six cores! Intel 14th Gen CPU Core Counts Leak

Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs are getting a major core count boost, except for the i9

More details about Intel’s upcoming 14th Generation CPU lineup have leaked, and it looks like PC builders can expect a major core count boost within Intel’s i3, i5, and i7 product segments. Sadly, Intel’s 14th gen i9 CPUs appear to feature the same core counts as their 14th generation counterparts, though Intel’s 14th generation CPUs should ship with higher clock speeds than their predecessors.

This new information comes through Red Gaming Tech, who has leaked these CPU details through his YouTube channel. Intel’s 14th generation desktop processors will be a “Raptor Lake Refresh”, which means that these new CPUs will utilise the same Raptor Lake core designs as Intel’s 13th generation CPUs. That said, Intel appears to be increasing the core counts that will be available within most of Intel’s CPU product segments, and boosting the clock speeds of their higher-end models.

Intel’s 14th Generation i3 processors will reportedly ship with six performance cores, which is a huge increase from the four performance cores that Intel’s 13th generation i3 CPUs process. With a 50% increase in core count, Intel’s i3 lineup could become an excellent budget gaming option, hitting AMD hard within the lower-end of the PC market. 

i3 CPUs with six cores! Intel 14th Gen CPU Core Counts Leak

Intel’s i5-14600K/14600KF appears to feature eight P cores and eight E cores, giving the CPU two more P cores than its 13th generation counterpart, the i5-13600K. For lower-end i5 CPUs, like the i5-14500 and i5-14400, Intel appears to be offering customers six P cores and eight E-cores, giving customers four more E cores than their last-generation counterparts. For all i5 models, Intel are offering customers a huge increase in multi-threaded performance, with the i5-14600K effectively becoming an i7-13700K in terms of core/thread count. 

Moving up to Intel’s 14th generation i7-14700K, we see a processor with eight P cores and twelve E cores, adding four additional E cores into the mix over Intel’s i7-13700K. This should give Intel’s new i7 a notable increase in multi-threaded performance. 

For Intel’s i9 product line, Intel’s 14th generation processors appear to offer PC builders little more than a clock speed increase, with the i9-14900K boosting to 6 GHz while the i9-14900KS boosts to 6.2 GHz. No additional cores will be added to Intel’s next-generation i9 processors. 

Intel are expected to launch their 14th Generation processors later this year alongside new 700 series motherboards.  

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