i9-10900X benchmarks leak – Intel’s next 10-core monster!

Intel's Cascade Lake-X pledges to shatter Threadripper's value proposition

i9-10900X benchmarks leak – Intel’s next 10-core monster!

Intel has a new 10-core processor that’s due to launch next month, the i9-10900X. No, this isn’t Comet Lake, as some other sites have reported, but part of Intel’s upcoming Cascade Lake-X lineup, which will release as part of the company’s X299 refresh. 

When compared to the i9-9900X, the i9-10900X will release with the same core/thread count of 10/20 and is rumoured to offer users higher base/boost clock speeds. This clock speed increase comes due to Intel’s latest 14nm node refinements and through Intel’s refined Cascade Lake-X core design, which is an enhanced version of Skylake-X. 

With Cascade Lake-X, Intel has promised more performance per dollar than Skylake-X, which means that Intel plans to offer both increased performance and higher core counts for your money with their 10th generation hardware. This means that Intel’s i9-10900X will likely cost well under £1,000, bringing their X299 lineup into tighter competition with both Ryzen 3rd Gen and 2nd Generation Threadripper. 

Like Skylake-X, Cascade Lake-X will release on Intel’s X299 socket, making it compatible with a wide range of existing X299 motherboards through upcoming BIOS updates. New X299 motherboards are also on the way from most major mainboard manufacturers. 

i9-10900X benchmarks leak - Intel's next 10-core monster!
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