Intel quietly launches their i7 14790F gaming CPU in China

Intel’s new China-only i7 packs more L3 cache and promises great value gaming

Intel has officially launched a new China-only gaming CPU called the i7-14790F, a gaming-oriented Raptor Lake processor that features more L3 cache than its western counterparts. This CPU is features eight P-cores and eight E-cores, giving this processor fewer total cores than Intel’s i7-14700F. That said, E cores do not have a huge impact on gaming performance.

The main upgrade that this processor features is its 36MB of L3 Smart Cache. Intel’s i7-14700F (and even i7-14700K) feature only 33MB of L3 cache. This extra 3MB of L3 cache can deliver i7-14700F users benefits during gaming workloads. China’s Intel Core i7 14700F has as much cache as Intel’s i9-14900K.

With clock speeds that boost up to 5.4GHz and a TDP/PBP (Processor Base Power) of 65W, this CPU is basically a stronger version of Intel’s i7-14700F processor, at least when gaming is concerned. Like all of Intel’s China-only CPU SKUs, we do not expect this processor to launch in the UK, Europe or the US.

While Intel’s i9-14900K remains as Intel’s top gaming processor, SKUs like the i7-14790F prove that Intel has the ability to create stronger budget-oriented products. There is no technical reasons why Intel’s other 14th generation i7 processors don’t feature this much L3 cache, only product segmentation reasons.

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