Leaked AMD “Strix Point” APU tests shows impressive results

Leaked Blender results showcase impressive results for AMD’s latest mobile CPUs

Blender results for an AMD engineering sample have been added to its benchmarking database, revealing the performance of a 12-core Strix Point mobile CPU. This CPU features four Zen 5 cores and eight Zen 5c cores and is targeted at laptops and other low power devices. Additionally, Strix Point is rumoured to feature RDNA 3.5 graphics and an XDNA 2 NPU for AI acceleration.

In Blender, AMD’s new 12-core engineering sample has delivered a score that is almost identical to AMD’s Ryzen 7 7700X. While this AMD Strix Point engineering sample has more cores, it is a mobile CPU that likely has a much lower power target. Strix Point is expected to have a configurable TDP of 15-45 watts. Note that the Ryzen 7 7700X is a desktop CPU that has a TDP of 105W. More performance with less power? That’s a win for AMD!

Strix Point will should represent a major improvement for AMD’s Ryzen mobile CPU range. It looks like AMD’s Zen 5 architecture is delivering strong results, which is great news for the laptop market. Sadly, this benchmark result doesn’t tell us much about AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 desktop CPUs. After all, we do not know the clock speeds of power target of this Strix Point engineering sample.

(AMD Strix Engineering Sample in Blender test – Image from @9550pro)

AMD are expected to officially reveal their first Zen 5 products at Computex 2024. This should include new the company’s long-rumoured Strix Point processors. However, it is likely that AMD will focus more on their AI performance of their Strix Point APUs than the performance of their Zen 5 CPU cores.

You can join the discussion on AMD’s impressive Strix CPU Blender results on the OC3D Forums.

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