Meet Polar Therm, the new player in the Thermal Paste market

A new player enters the game, Polar Therm is here to eat Arctic Cooling’s lunch

Polar Therm is at Computex 2024, and their plan is to offer PC builders more value for money than their competitors. Polar Therm is a new company to the thermal paste market, arriving as a sister company to Thermal Grizzly, a provider of ultra-high-end cooling products.

The idea behind this company is simple. The company aims to deliver a better value thermal paste to PC builders. That means that they want to deliver better performance than their competitors, and give buyers more thermal paste than their competitors at any given price point.

At Computex, we got to see the company’s X-8 and X-10 thermal pastes. Both are non-conductive, and the X-10 paste offers better thermal conductivity than their X-8 compound. Both will be available in various tube sizes, allowing users to buy small amounts or acquire their thermal paste in bulk.

In our eyes, it is clear to us what X-8 and X-10 have been made to do. These new thermal pastes will compete directly with Arctic Cooling’s MX-4 and MX-6 product line. Polar Therm’s plan is to eat Arctic Cooling’s lunch!

Personally, I am glad to see a new competitor throw their hat into the ring. Competition is good, and it is great to see a new value-oriented thermal paste into the market. Will Polar Therm’s new pastes deliver on its promises? We will see when it becomes available to purchase.

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