MSI showcases the benefits of CAMM2 memory with Project Zero Plus at Computex 2024

MSI promises faster speeds and lower latencies with Project Zero Plus and CAMM2 memory

We were at the MSI boost at Computex 2024, and one of the first things we spotted was the company’s new Intel Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard. Project Zero Plus? What does the Plus add? The answer to that question is CAMM2, MSI’s Project Zero Plus motherboards support CAMM2 memory.

With CAMM2 memory, DRAM runs parallel to your motherboard’s PCB. In other words, the module is flat against your motherboard. This allows CAMM2 modules to he covered with a water block or heatsink with ease. Beyond that, its flat profile prevents it from interfering with your CPU’s heatsink.

The real benefit of CAMM2 memory

While it is undeniable that MSI’s Project Zero Plus motherboard looks incredibly tidy with its memory-covering heatsink, aesthetics alone aren’t the reason behind MSI’s use of CAMM2 memory.

Using CAMM2 memory can deliver huge latency benefits. On the Computex show floor we have heard that using CAMM2 memory can lower memory latencies by nearly as a third. That’s a huge benefit for CAMM2 memory.

Memory latency can impact the performance of many workloads, with gaming being a primary example. This could make CAMM2 memory a must for future gaming PCs. Lower memory latencies will allow your system to spend less time waiting for memory reads/writes and spend more time working.

Liquid Cooled CAMM2 memory

Another benefit of CAMM2 memory is that its form factor enables the creation of interesting new memory cooling solutions. The low profile nature of CAMM2 memory allows it to feature relatively large heatsinks without interfering with CPU coolers. Beyond that, it makes the use of liquid cooling a lot more viable. After all, it is easier to liquid cool a flat surface than it is to cool multiple closely packed DDR5 DIMMs.

Is Project Zero and CAMM2 memory the future of PC building?

Back-connect motherboard standards are being rapidly adopted by all major motherboard and case manufacturers. With this in mind, we expect MSI’s Project Zero and similar standards to become more commonplace moving forward.

When it comes to CAMM2, its latency benefits are massive. That alone makes CAMM2 memory an attractive prospect for PC enthusiasts and hardware manufacturers. Many hardcore PC gamers spend a lot of money to purchase lower latency memory, and CAMM2 can drop those latencies by almost a third. Given the size of these gains, I can see CAMM2 motherboards becoming incredibly popular over the next few years.

You can join the discussion on MSI’s Project Zero Plus motherboard with CAMM2 memory support on the OC3D Forums.

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