MSI’s $199 Z790 MPOWER Overclocking motherboard is Asia-only, at least for now

MSI’s surprisingly affordable overclocking motherboard is unlikely to be released in western markets

The MSI MPOWER brand has returned with a new Z790 design. For the uninitiated, MSI’s MPOWER brand is focused at overclockers. The design of these boards are for users who want to push their CPU and memory as hard as possible. MSI has not created MPOWER series motherboards since the Z170A MPOWER Gaming Titanium and the X370 MPOWER Gaming Titanium. Now, the brand has returned, but for now the Z790 MPOWER is only available in Asia.

With an asking price of $199, MSI’s new MPOWER motherboard is shockingly affordable. It is an Intel Z790 motherboard with a 15-phase power design and a Micro ATX (MATX) layout. The board features only two DDR5 DIMM slots, which makes sense for a motherboard that is overclocking-oriented. Even with this limitation, PC builders can still create systems with 128GB of DRAM, thanks to the availability of 64GB DDR5 modules.

HardwareLuxx’s Andreas Schilling has confirmed that MSI’s new Z790 MPOWER motherboard is unlikely to be released in Europe. MSI has stated that they currently have no plans to launch this motherboard outside of Asia.

With its asking price of $199, MSI’s new MPOWER motherboard has the potential to be a hit amongst PC enthusiasts worldwide. This is likely the cheapest motherboard that is targeted at RAM overclocking, and that is a big deal for the PC enthusiast market. DRAM overclocking and tuning has the potential to greatly enhance the performance of gaming PCs. This makes the Z790 MPOWER a hugely interesting motherboard to us, especially given its relatively low pricing.

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