Overclockers lowers Intel i9 14900K thermals by 12 degrees with delid

der8auer drops i9 14900K CPU thermals significantly by delidding their processor

Last week, Intel launched their 14th Generation of Core desktop processors (see our review here), and they run hot. Der8auer, a world renowned overclocker, has worked to addressed this by delidding his i9-14900K. With this CPU delid, der8auer has significantly reduced the load thermals of his i9-14900K CPU. This has given der8auer more thermal headroom for overclocking.

Since Intel’s i9-14900K is practically identical to Intel’s i9-13900KS, der8auer was able to delid his processor using his existing 13th generation Intel delidding tools. The CPU is also compatible with Thermal Grizzly’s Intel 13th generation CPU contact frame and similar products.

Der8auer tested his i9-14900K with a 360mm Corsair liquid cooler, fixed core clock speeds and fixed CPU voltages. This allowed him to test his CPU before and after his delid with minimal margin for error. This is because fluctuating voltages and clock speeds are no longer a factor during his testing. Delidding his i9-14900K resulted in 10-degree drop in CPU thermals, with thermals dropping an additional 2 degrees when a Thermal Grizzly 13th Gen CPU contact frame was also used.

i9-14900K Delid – lower thermals and lower power draw?

One interesting aspect of der8auer’s i9 14900K CPU delid is that it both lowered CPU thermals and CPU power draw. der8auer attributes this power reduction drop to the GPU’s reduced thermals, as lower thermals can reduce a CPU’s internal resistances and reduces power waste.

While the right tools can make CPU delidding a simple process, it is not a process that is without risk. A CPU delid will void the warranty of your processor, and there is a chance that you will damage or destroy your processor during the delidding process. Are you willing to risk a $600 part for lower thermals?

der8auer has proven once again that CPU delidding can help enthusiasts achieve lower CPU thermals and higher CPU overclocks. That said, delidding remains a risky process, and it isn’t something that should be done on a whim.

You can join the discussion on der8auer delidding Intel’s i9-14900K processor on the OC3D Forums.

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