Sony’s PlayStation 5 will reportedly use am 8-core Ryzen-based processor

Sony reveals more about its PlayStation 5 console - No Codenames, its PS5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will reportedly use an 8-core Ryzen-based processor

Yesterday, Sony revealed a lot of new information about their PlayStation 5 console, highlighting several major hardware upgrades. These upgrades range from support for raytracing in-silicon to the console’s use of 100GB Blu Ray Disks and the system’s SSD upgrade. 

The Japanese publication Famitsu has stated that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console will utilise an AMD 8-core processor. This processor is said to be based on AMD’s Ryzen “Zen 2” line of products. This processor will reportedly offer users eight cores and sixteen threads, making it the first Sony console to support SMT. 

This makes sense for the PlayStation 5, as Sony plans to provide full PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility on their new console. Since the PlayStation 4 offers users eight AMD Jaguar CPU cores, it makes sense for the PlayStation 5 to use an 8-core x86 processor. Given the performance advantages of AMD’s Zen CPU architecture, we can expect the PlayStation 5 to offer developers a lot more single-threaded and multi-threaded CPU performance than the PlayStation 4. 

Though the power of the PlayStation 5’s processor, high framerate game simulations should become a lot more achievable, as will advanced physics and other CPU-heavy effects. Aside from graphical upgrades, these changes will help to deliver a true generational leap over today’s console hardware, delivering more than just the GPU power boost that’s needed to offer higher game resolutions. When combined with the console’s SSD update, the PlayStation 5 will be able to create larger, more interactive, game worlds that have minimal load times. 

Sony's PlayStation 5 will reportedly use am 8-core Ryzen-based processor  

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