Watch AMD’s CES 2019 Keynote Here

Watch AMD's CES 2019 Keynote Here

Watch AMD’s CES 2019 Keynote Here

AMD’s CES 2019 Keynote will start at 9 AM PT on January 9th, translating to 5 PM GMT in the UK. This will be AMD’s first keynote address at CES, acting as one of the show’s premiere events. 

Here, AMD’s CEO Lisa Su plans to world’s first 7nm high-performance CPUs and GPUs”, confirming that the company has some “exciting announcements” in store for listeners. 

At this time it is unknown what AMD has planned for the showcase, though AMD’s pre-CES announcement of their 3000-series Ryzen Mobile suggests that the company has something more significant planned for the main event. 

2019 is set to be a strong year for AMD on the technological side, with the company moving to TSMC’s 7nm manufacturing process for future CPUs and GPUs as well as to their new Zen 2 and Navi architectures on the CPU and GPU markets respectively. These upgrades will work hand-in-hand to offer AMD’s customers more performance and increased power efficiency, both of which are key factors that will help AMD grow as a company.

AMD is expected to focus on 7nm at CES, discussing their planned Zen 2 EPYC processors and how leading-edge process nodes will benefit AMD’s future products. At this time it is unknown whether or not AMD plans to announce any new consumer-grade products or hardware/development plans at the event. 

Below is an embed of AMD’s CES Live Feed over on YouTube, which will be used to stream AMD’s CES keynote when the time comes. The event is expected to last an hour. 

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