AMD’s Lisa Su reconfirms that we will see “Big Navi” in 2020

AMD's Lisa Su reconfirms that we will see

AMD’s Lisa Su reconfirms that we will see “Big Navi” in 2020

On the company’s “The Bring Up” series, AMD’s Lisa Su has reaffirmed that PC gamers are “gonna see big Navi in 2020”, confirming that stronger Radeon graphics cards are in the works to tackle Nvidia’s high-end RTX series products. 

Sadly, Lisa Su didn’t go into any real detail about “Big Navi”, but the implication is that we should expect a high-end graphics card from AMD that will sit in the £400 section of the GPU market. This graphics card could compete with the likes of Nvidia’s RTX 2070 Super, RTX 2080 Super and perhaps even Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti.    

We expect AMD to reveal “Big Navi” at E3 2020, arriving after Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase. This will lay the groundwork for what “next-gen” means for gamers, and AMD will likely follow that up with new graphics card announcements for the PC market and a deeper look at AMD’s latest hardware features. 

Lisa Su also confirmed that Zen 3 is “doing really well”, and that she looks forward to talking more about it later this year. Below is a quote from Lisa Su regarding “Big Navi” and “Zen 3”. 


    I’ve heard a little bit through Twitter and Reddit that people are wondering about, you know, Big Navi. I can say your gonna see Big Navi in 2020.

There might be few people wondering about Zen 3 as well, and I can tell you that Zen 3 is doing really well, we are excited about it, and I look forward talking about that later in 2020.

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