AMD’s reportedly plans to reveal RDNA 2 at tomorrow’s Analyst Day

Come on AMD, It's time to talk about RDNA and Next-Gen Radeon

AMD’s reportedly plans to reveal RDNA 2 at tomorrow’s Financial Analyst Day

Before we start, we will note that the source on this information is dubious at best. Even so, it lines up well with a lot of the information that’s currently available about AMD’s next-generation Navi architecture and Microsoft’s plans for DirectX. Everything will be confirmed or disproven tomorrow during AMD’s 2020 Financial Analysts Day. 

For starters, Microsoft will reportedly appear alongside AMD at their analyst day, highlighting RDNA 2’s usage in the Xbox Series X while also discussing the architecture’s raytracing/DXR support and deep learning capabilities (DirectML support). 

AMD has reportedly worked with Microsoft to create RDNA 2 with DXR and DirectML in mind, acting as Radeon’s answer to Nvidia’s RTX feature set. AMD’s DXR implementation will challenge Nvidia’s RTX raytracing while their DirectML support will take on Nvidia’s Tensor core hardware and DLSS features. VRS (Variable Rate Shading) will also play a considerable role within AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture, with Playground Games reporting a 32% boost in performance by using VRS on areas of the screen with motion blur. 

With VRS, Playground Games has reportedly gotten Forza Horizon 4 to run at 4K 120 FPS on Xbox Series X, thanks to the power of RDNA 2 and the efforts of both AMD and Microsoft. For context, the Xbox One X ran the game at 4K 30 FPS.  

Come on AMD, It's time to talk about RDNA and Next-Gen Radeon

AMD’s native DXR hardware is also reported to be 30-50% more efficient than Nvidia’s RTX implementation of DXR, though it is worth noting that Nvidia could easily leapfrog this rumoured performance lead with its second-generation RTX hardware.

Microsoft is also said to discuss “Azure raytracing”, which lines up with AMD’s ray tracing vision, which set on their roadmap “full scene ray tracing leveraging cloud computing” back in 2019.

If this leaked information from Reddit is true, AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture was designed in close collaboration with Microsoft, which makes sense given Microsoft’s efforts to develop DirectML and DirectX Raytracing. It also suggests that Microsoft will be receiving a graphics component that’s a lot more advanced than what Sony will feature in its PlayStation 5 console. This makes sense given Microsoft’s talk of “patented VRS” on its Xbox Series X hardware. 

New Radeon Graphics Cards

Rumour has it that AMD plans to reveal three new RDNA 2 graphics cards, with the highest-end part costing $999. This high-end graphics card is said to offer around 18 TFLOPS of graphics performance, making it around two times as powerful as AMD’s RX 5700 XT, discounting architectural enhancements.

If these leaks are true, AMD is set to deliver a huge generational leap in performance and make Nvidia’s RTX 20 series look like a joke. That said, Nvidia is no doubt preparing their own 7nm graphics cards, which are certain to deliver a large generational improvement over today’s Turing GPUs.  

AMD's reportedly planning to reveal RDNA 2 tomorrow's Analyst Day  

Is this true? 

Maybe. The comments regarding “Azure Raytracing” and exclusive features for Microsoft line up with AMD’s existing statements regarding cloud raytracing and Microsoft’s discussion of “patented VRS” on Xbox Series X. Beyond that, we already know that Playground Games are working on next-generation hardware features, as is evidenced by their work on DirectML game upscaling.

Everything said in this leak lines up with our expectations for RDNA 2, from AMD’s collaboration with Microsoft to the architecture’s support for features such as DXR, DirectML and Variable Rate Shading (VRS). It is likely that a lot of the information here is accurate, but the question is AMD plans to reveal it tomorrow. 

Regardless, we only need to wait until tomorrow to see what AMD has to announce at their Financial Analyst Day. Is now the time for AMD to start talking about their next-generation Radeon offerings? 

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