ASUS’ ROG Flagship, the RTX 4090 Matrix, now has a release date

The ROG Matrix RTX 4090 is launching on September 19th

Back at Computex 2023, ASUS revealed what they believe to be the world’s fastest graphics card, their ROG Matrix RTX 4090. Now, ASUS has confirmed that their ROG Matrix RTX 4090 will be launching on September 19th, with ASUS live-streaming their first official RTX 4090 Matrix unboxing at 9 AM New York time.

ASUS’ ROG Matrix RTX 4090 is the company’s first Matrix series graphics card since the company’s ROG Matrix RTX 2080 Ti, and is the first ASUS discrete graphics card that will ship with liquid metal TIM (Thermal Interface Material). The graphics card also features a highly-binned RTX 4090 GPU core, a factor that allows ASUS to ship their limited edition RTX 4090 graphics card with the highest factory overclock of any currently released RTX 4090 model. This is what makes this graphics card the world’s fastest.

With its custom liquid cooling solution and its liquid metal thermal interface material, ASUS promises excellent thermals with their ROG Matrix RTX 4090, stating that their custom full-cover cold plate and 360mm liquid cooling setup can keep this graphics card at just under 60 degrees when used in its 450W TGP mode when the units fans are set to 1,000 RPM. Those are excellent thermals given those fan profiles, and something that should make this GPU silent when used with its quiet mode BIOS profile.

ASUS’ ROG Matrix RTX 4090 utilises the same ROG MF-12S fans and extra-thick 360mm liquid cooling radiator as the company’s premium ROG Ryujin III CPU liquid cooler. The fans used with this GPU are daisy-chained, and the power/RGB cables used with these fans are discretely hidden within the AIO’s tubing. This makes the ROG Matrix RTX 4090 a cable management dream when compared with other all-in-one liquid cooled graphics cards.

With their ROG Matrix RTX 4090, ASUS expect to set new GPU overclocking records and cement themselves as the producer of the world’s most powerful gaming GPU.

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