HTC’s Vive Cosmos Headset is now available for pre-order

HTC's Vive Cosmos Headset is now available for pre-order

HTC’s Vive Cosmos Headset is now available for pre-order

HTC’s new Vive Cosmos VR headset is now available for pre-order, offering users ultra-fast setup times thanks to the headset’s inside-out tracking system and sharper images thanks to the headset’s RGB screens and increased screen resolution. 

The Vive Cosmos will release on October 3rd for £699, with pre-orders coming with 12 free months of VIVEPORT, which has a retail value of around £107. 

HTC’s new VR headset is designed to deliver a great PC-VR experience, offering six degrees of freedom and a level of inside-out tracking that is unmatched by most VR headsets. This is thanks to the headset’s use of four additional cameras (Windows MR typically use two), which point up, down and left and right of the player’s viewport alongside two front-facing cameras. In addition to this, the Vive Cosmos can be upgraded to support Valve’s SteamVR Lighthouse Base Stations/Controllers and Wireless VR using modular hardware upgrade options. 

The Vive Cosmos also ships with two new controller designs, which can be used with the Cosmos’ inside-out tracking system. The headset also features a flip-up visor, which will allow users to exit VR to do some real-world tasks quickly. The headset connects to PCs vis DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0. 

The screens of the HTC Cosmos are 1440×1700, which combine to offer a total resolution 2880×1700. This offers users a maximum field of view of 110 degrees. The headset also contains a microphone and stereo headphones. 


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