Iiyama releases a trio of G-Master FreeSync displays

Iiyama releases a trio of G-Master FreeSync monitors

Iiyama releases a trio of G-Master FreeSync monitors

Iiyama has today widened their FreeSync display offerings with three new G-Master series models, offering a resolution of 1080p, affordable price tags and a high-end model which supports a high refresh rate of 144Hz.   

Two of these monitors will offer a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz and a FreeSync Range of 40-75Hz, providing users with decent variable refresh rate range and low sub-200 price tags while delivering a highly adjustable monitor stand. These two displays are the 24.5-inch Black Hawk G-Master GB2530HSU-B1 and the 27-inch Black Hawk G-Master GB2730HSU-B1. 

In the higher-end, Iiyama is offering their 24.5-inch 144Hz full-HD Red Eagle G-Master GB2560HSU-B1 for around £220, offering a FreeSync range of 40-144Hz (with support for Low Framerate Compensation) and an ultra-fast 1MS grey-to-grey response time.  


Iiyama releases a trio of G-Master FreeSync monitors


All of these displays will ship with a height adjustable stand with pivot functionality and a blue light reducer function if required. Height adjustment is a useful feature for those who want to orient their monitors in a comfortable position, though these monitors also feature VESA mounts for use with aftermarket monitor arms if required.    

Below are the full specifications for these three gaming-oriented displays. 

Iiyama releases a trio of G-Master FreeSync monitors

To celebrate the release of these three monitors, Iiyama/G-Master has launched a pan-European competition where fans can win one of 10 new Black Hawk or Red Eagle displays, or hundreds of other prizes. 

Participants in this competition have two tasks. The first task – cracking a binary code – is optional. The second – a creative assignment: “Show us how G-Masters celebrate victory” – is mandatory. Depending on the number of tasks completed, the participants can either win one of five new G-Master GB2530HSU-B1 Black Hawk’s and five new G-Master GB2560HSU-B1 Red Eagle monitors or one of the other official G-Master merchandise prizes including; jackets, caps, T-shirts and mousepads.

More information about Iiyama’s competition is available here. 

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