Intel reconfirms its ARC Graphics Q1 2022 launch at The Game Awards

Intel reconfirms its ARC Graphics Q1 2021 launch at The Game Awards

A new player will enter the game in Q1 2022

At The Game Awards 2021, Intel released a “Gameplay Trailer” showcasing their planned Arc Alchemist series graphics cards, reconfirming the company’s planned Q1 2022 launch plans while highlighting features like ray tracing, AI-enhanced upscaling and more. 

Additionally, Intel also focused on “Accelerated game streaming” as a feature of their Arc Alchemist series GPUs, suggesting that Intel’s new GP architecture will have streamer/creator-specific features.

Sadly, Intel has not showcased the performance levels that their ARC Alchemist series GPUs can offer, which means that we do not know how they will compare products from AMD and Nvidia. None of the games showcases are particularly demanding. 

Within the video, se do see a desktop system with a obscured graphics card that appears to be using a single 8-pin PCIe power connector. This suggests that the pictured graphics card had a maximum TDP of 225 watts (150W from 8-pin 75W from PCIe slot). 

Intel is expected to showcase their ARC Alchemist series graphics cards at CES 2021, where Intel is likely to reveal discrete graphics solutions and mobile-focused laptop chips. 

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