LG creates the perfect portable Smart TV – Meet the StanbyME Go

LG creates the perfect portable Smart TV - Meet the StanbyME Go

LG’s put a smart TV in a briefcase and we are loving it!

Don’ lie to yourself, there have been times where you have wanted access to a TV or monitor while travelling, be it for catching up on some TV or movies during downtime, or to do a little gaming to relax. Yes, I know that your smartphone can be to access TV shows and movies, but there are perks to having access to a larger screen, especially if you want to watch something with someone else.

LG has now created a product that promises to give users access to a large smart screen on the go, a classy looking briefcase that has fitted inside a 27-inch Full HD (1080p) display, a screen that has a three hour battery life, supports a large number of streaming services, and has an HDMI input to enable additional content options. 

Once you open the case of LG’s StanbyME Go Portable Smart Touch Screen, users will be able to fold to access a smart remote and fold out the smart screen in whatever way they wish, be it in a portrait or landscape configuration. Users can also keep the screen flat within its case to play various touchscreen games. 

With an asking price of $999.99, this screen is for premium users, and given this screen’s 1080p resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate, it isn’t exactly cutting-edge in terms of its display specifications. That said, it is a product that has a certain wow factor, and the briefcase aspect of this product does not look cheap. 

With both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, users of this portable screen will have access to a lot of content options, and with its three hour battery life it is able to play though most movies with ease. If you have access to external power, this screen can be used indefinitely. Strangely, LG has not listed the weight of this portable monitor, an odd omission given this screen’s portable aspect.

While the LG StanbyME GO is an interesting product, it’s pricing is far too high for it to be considered as a worthwhile purchase for mainstream users. Thankfully, there are other portable screen options that are available, and if you can connect one of these screens to a smartphone, you will basically have access to the majority of the LG StanbyME’s feature set, but at a fraction of the cost.

LG StanbyME GO is currently available to pre-order on LG’s website for $999.99.

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