LG’s new UltraGear 32GS95UE OLED monitor delivers Dual-Hz support with 4K 240Hz and 1080p 480Hz compatibility

LG reveals the world’s first Dual-Hz OLED gaming monitor

LG Electronics has officially revealed their new UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE monitor, a new gaming screen that features a “World First” Dual-Hz feature. This feature allows this monitor to operate at either 4K 240Hz or 1080p 480Hz, allowing users to switch between High Refresh Rate Ultra HD gaming and Ultra High Refresh Rate HD gaming.

With one clock, users can switch between this monitor’s two resolution modes. As an OLED monitor, LG’s UltraGear 32-inch OLED 32GS95UE features Gray-to-Gray response times of 0.03ms. These are ultra-fast levels of pixel response. This gives this screen incredibly low levels of motion blur, and its 98.5% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut means that this screen is both fast and great to look at.

Like most modern high refresh rate gaming displays, this new screen from LG is VRR compatible. The screen is both Nvidia G-Sync Compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro ready. LG’s UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE also features two HDMI 2.1 inputs and a single DisplayPort 1.4 connector.

At CES 2024, LG plans to reveal a selection of other OLED UltraGear gaming monitors. This will include 3440×1440 and 1440p models of various sizes.

Why the Dual-Hz feature on LG’s UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE matters

In effect, LG’s Dual-Hz technology allows the company to sell two monitors in one. What we have here is both a 4K 240Hz OLED monitor, and a 1080p 480Hz OLED monitor. For gamers, this screen gives them the best of both worlds. They have 480Hz support for ultra-fast-paced online shooters like Counter Strike 2, and 4K resolution support for more story-driven, less latency sensitive games.

If this technology catches on, high refresh rate 1080p monitors could become a thing of the past. At this time it is unknown how a 1080p input is scaled onto this 4K screen. We hope that this screen uses integer scaling in 1080p mode, as it would be a shame if the 1080p input was blurred when it is scaled to 4K.

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