More GT200 Series News

More GT200 Series News

Last month we reported some details about the updates Nvidia has for the GT200 series, namely the 55nm refresh and dual GPU card.  Now we have a bit more information.

First up is about the 55nm refresh.  Enthusiasts have been waiting for these cards for quite a while now.  A sign has shown up that the release is getting closer: pictures.  Zotac is a name that has slowly been gaining prevalence in the graphics card game.  They claim to have developed their own PCB design, though the only difference readily apparent compared to the reference design is a color change to blue.

Next is about the long-expected GT200-based X2 card.  It finally has a name: the GTX295.  Expected to be Nvidia’s HD4870X2 killer, the GTX295 will likely utilize the dual-PCB design, each bearing a 55nm, 216 shader GTX260 GPU.  Word is that the design of the card has been completed, with test production to occur soon.  Clock speeds and memory details are unfortunately unknown at this time.

Considering how long Nvidia has made consumers wait, is this too little too late?  Or will these cards help them regain their footing?

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