MSI has another 4890 in the Works

MSI has another 4890 in the Works
MSI is reportedly working on its new R4890 Cyclone graphics cardTech portal Fudzilla reports that MSI has a special HD 4890 card in the pipeline, which will reportedly come with many high-performance features. According to inside information received by the website, the card has been dubbed MSI R4890 Cyclone.
The Cyclone, as shown in the picture courtesy of Fudzilla, will reportedly feature Hi-C CAPS, Solid State Chokes NCC PSF solid caps, and a non-reference cooler, all of which are expected to give it excellent overclocking abilities. The Hi-C CAPS will be positioned around the GPU, giving it clean and stable power.
MSI will be going with four of its well known 8mm heatpipes based SuperPipe cooler for the R4890 Cyclone. This should keep the GPU cool even with the most energy-intensive games and graphics applications. While the clock settings are not currently known, MSI is expected to set the speed at 1GHz.
Currently under development, the MSI R4890 Cyclone is most likely to be displayed at this year’s Computex.
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