TSMC paves the way to super-scale chips with CoWoS technology

TSMC will make future chips bigger than ever with their CoWoS packaging technology

TSMC wants their customers to create larger chips, but the reticle limit of standard lithography technologies is making it hard for companies to scale up their designs. With today’s chipmaking technologies, chips can be made up to sizes of around 800mm2, and if you want to build something larger, you will need to use chiplets and interconnects. This is where TSMC steps in with their next-generation Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate (CoWoS) technology.

TSMC’s CoWoS technology already allows the company to create interposers around 2800mm2 in size. Sadly, customers like AMD and Nvidia are already running up against the limits of this technology. AMD’s Radeon Instinct MI300 and Nvidia’s Blackwell B200 Accelerators already make use of huge interposers. That means that TSMC needs better packaging and interconnect technologies to enable larger next-generation chips.

In 2026, TSMC aims to deliver an enhanced version of CoWoS that enables the creation of chips that are approximately 5.5x larger than the reticle limit. When combined with more advanced lithography nodes, TSMC expects this technology to deliver chips with 3.5x the computational performance of today’s CoWoS chips.

Moving further ahead, TSMC aims to create CoWoS interposers that are 8x the reticle limit in 2027. TSMC thinks that this will enable the creation of chips that can deliver 7x more performance than today’s CoWoS chips. These huge chips will measure in at around 120mm x 120mm in size. This size raises questions as to how these huge chips will be powered and cooled.

It’s clear that TSMC’s customers want to make bigger chips, and that TSMC will make these larger chips happen. These huge chips will break the form factors of existing PC technology. After all, 120mm x 120mm is an insane size for a single chip. Just imagine how large a graphics card with such a chip would be! You think the RTX 4090 is big, wait until you see a GPU with a TSMC’s CoWoS tech!

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