Nvidia has started its “Ultimate Countdown” – Something BIG is coming!

Nvidia has started its

Nvidia has started its “Ultimate Countdown”

Nvidia has started its “Ultimate Countdown”, revealing plans surrounding the 21st anniversary of their Geforce 256, the world’s first GPU and Geforce product. 

In 21 days, it looks like Nvidia will reveal something new, and while Nvidia has said nothing official about this announcement, it is likely to be the reveal of new hardware. 

“21 Days 21 Years”. That’s all that Nvidia has to say on the matter. In 21 days, on August 31st, it will be the 21st Anniversary of the company’s Geforce 256 reveal. Today, the countdown has started towards the reveal of what could be new Geforce products. Will August 31st be the reveal date of Nvidia’s Ampere lineup of Geforce Products? 

Another possibility is that August 31st will see Nvidia launch its Ampere series of Quadro products, mirroring Nvidia’s Turing reveal. With Turing, Nvidia revealed its Quadro RTX product line before its Geforce equivalents. and the same could hold true for Ampere. For now, all we can do is wait for August 31st. 

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