Nvidia’s GTX 10 series graphics cards have returned to MSRP pricing in the US and UK

Nvidia's GTX 10 series graphics cards have returned to MSRP pricing in the US and UK

Nvidia’s GTX 10 series graphics cards have returned to MSRP pricing in the US and UK 

The past year hasn’t been kind to PC gamers, with rising DRAM prices and the cryptomining boom causing the cost of DDR4 memory and gaming-oriented graphics cards to inflate tremendously, making PC components a lot more expensive than they should be. 

Market forces created a situation where budget-conscious PC gamers were unable to upgrade their systems, as cryptocurrency miners gobbled up GPU supply while remaining graphics cards commanded a considerable price premium. Thankfully now things seem to have died down, with graphics card pricing returning to relative normality in both the UK and US markets. 

Today we have conducted another price check for Nvidia’s 10-series of gaming graphics cards, where we have found that most Nvidia graphics cards are available at their respective MSRP prices or lower at retailers, allowing PC builders to purchase their graphics cards at a reasonable price. In some cases, the retail prices of select graphics cards are lower than Nvidia’s Founders Edition variants, something which was unheard of a few months ago.

Below we have included a table of Nvidia’s 10-series of Pascal GPUs, the pricing of the cheapest model at Overclockers UK and their Nvidia Founders Editions pricing from the company’s online store when applicable. We have also noted whether or not each of these GPUs is currently available from Nvidia directly, with the table below containing links to each model. 

  Nvidia Founders Edition
(MSRP pricing from Nvidia)
Availability? Cheapest model on 
Overclockers UK
GTX 1050 N/A Retailers Only £109.99
GTX 1050 Ti N/A Retailers Only £146.99
GTX 1060 3GB N/A Retailers Only £188.99
GTX 1060 6GB £279.00 Retailers Only £244.99
GTX 1070 £379.00 Both £389.99
GTX 1070 Ti £419.00 Retailers Only £399.95
GTX 1080  £529.00 Both £469.99
GTX 1080 Ti £679.00 Retailers Only £679.99

(Most of Nvidia’s GTX 10-series is available at or below Founders Edition MSRP prices)  

Looking at today’s pricing Nvidia’s GTX 1070 remains a hard sell, given the huge performance boost offered by Nvidia’s GTX 1070 Ti for a minimal price increase.

While the pricing of Nvidia GT 1060 3GB also seems attractive, Nvidia’s decision to use a 3GB frame buffer remains questionable from a longevity standpoint.  It is not uncommon for modern games to use 4GB of VRAM at 1080p when using high-resolution textures, not to mention the fact that the 6GB GTX 1060 also includes more CUDA cores. 

Regardless, this market trend is great news for PC builders, as it will allow consumers to upgrade their systems in a more cost-efficient manner. Let’s hope that DRAM prices can also continue to decrease, as this will drastically reduce the cost of high-end gaming systems. 

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