Nvidia’s RTX Founders Edition Coolers Support RGB – Nvidia Locks Out Feature

Nvidia's RTX Founders Edition Coolers Support RGB - Nvidia Locks Out Feature

Nvidia’s RTX Founders Edition Coolers Support RGB – Nvidia Locks Out Feature

Nvidia’s latest Founders Edition coolers offer a significant performance upgrade over their predecessors, moving away from traditional stock/reference blower-style coolers to a dual-fan axial design with a vapour chamber supported heatsink. Not only has Nvidia improve the cooling performance of their Founders Edition coolers, but they have made them quieter than ever before, though there is a lot more to these coolers than meets the eye.   

In response to recent rumours, JayzTwoCents, a technology-based YouTube Channel, decided to put Nvidia’s Founders Edition RGB rumours to the test by connecting Nvidia’s Founders Edition cooler to an RGB enabled graphics card (EVGA GTX 2080 Ti XC Ultra) that features Nvidia’s Reference PCB design. 

After installing Nvidia’s Founders Edition cooler, Jay confirmed that Nvidia’s RTX Founders Edition coolers have latent RGB functionality, allowing the cooler to offer new colour options that are not available on unmodified Founders Edition Graphics cards. Have you ever wanted to see a Geforce graphics card with Radeon Red lighting? Now you can!

What this testing proves is that Nvidia planned to support RGB illumination with their RTX series graphics cards, deciding later to abandon the feature for unknown reasons. In Jayz’s video, he stated that the graphics card offers a purple-like hue when the lighting is set to blue and a “peachy-white” colour when Orange is selected, suggesting that Nvidia’s colour grading was not perfect on their RGB graphics cards. Nvidia’s inaccurate colour options may be why the company ultimately decided to ditch the feature, though that does not change the fact that the graphics cards feature these latent capabilities.  

(Video from JayzTwoCents)

At this time it is unknown whether or not Nvidia’s Founders Editon graphics cards will ever be able to offer this feature without modification, though it is likely that BIOS flashing will be able to enable this feature on existing RTX Founders Edition GPUs. With this latent feature in mind, it is extremely likely that Nvidia’s next-generation of Founders Edition graphics hardware will feature full RGB support, as all they will need to do is polish their existing RGB technology to perfect the feature. 

You can join the discussion on Nvidia’s RTX 20 series Founders Edition graphics cards containing hidden/disabled RGB LED support on the OC3D Forums. 

Special Thanks to DiceHunter for the information.