Nvidia’s RTX mobile GPU lineup has been leaked

Nvidia;s RTX mobile GPU lineup has been leaked

Nvidia’s RTX mobile GPU lineup has been  

Rumour has it that Nvidia has plans to release their RTX series of graphics cards into the mobile market, releasing Max-Q versions of their RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 graphics cards as well as standard mobile 2070, 2060 Ti, 2060, 2050 Ti and 2050 GPUs.

WCCFTECH‘s sources have claimed that Nvidia’s mobile Turing graphics lineup will release sometime in Q4 2018, with the image below suggesting that 2070, 2070 Max-Q and 2060 Ti graphics cards will be paired with today’s Coffee Lake-H series mobile processors. 

Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Max-Q is expected to release at a later date, offering more performance than any other mobile processor. WCCF has suggested that this will happen sometime in Q1 2019. 

At a later date, notebooks with Turing 2060, 2050 Ti and 2050 graphics cards will release on systems with Intel Coffee-RH mobile processors, which will be sometime in 2019. 

Nvidia's RTX mobile GPU lineup has been leaked  

Like any rumours, please take this information with a grain of salt, though it is worth noting that a Turing graphics card release on mobile hardware is inevitable, especially given the potential power efficiency gains offered by technologies like DLSS, which drastically lowers the shading requirements of high-resolution gaming.

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