Nvidia’s RTX Super Founders Editions make a mockery of early RTX pricing

Nvidia's RTX Super Founders Edition pricing makes a mockery of early RTX adopters

Nvidia’s RTX Super Founders Editions make a mockery of early RTX pricing

Nvidia’s original RTX series was rightly criticised for their high price tags, especially Nvidia’s Founders Edition models, which launched with a $100 price premium over reference models, making their original MSRP prices incredibly misleading. 

At launch, there were RTX series graphics cards that sported reference blower coolers and prices to match, but they did not represent what reviewers received. The media got Founders Edition models, and most AIB models aimed for those pricing levels. This gave Nvidia a lower on MSRP than what most retail graphics cards offered, making Nvidia’s MSRP pricing appear both too high and misleading to consumers. 

With the release of Nvidia’s RTX 20 Super series of graphics cards, the company has decided to release their new SUPER Founders Edition models with pricing that’s closer to their original RTX MSRPs. This means that Nvidia’s Super Founders Edition SKUs are a lot cheaper than their older, non-Super RTX Founders Edition counterparts. 

Nvidia’s new Super series Founders Edition GPUs now offer gamers more performance and lower pricing, positioning Nvidia’s Turing lineup in a position that’s a lot more palatable than before. Sadly though this will leave owners of Nvidia’s existing Founders Edition models feeling like they got a bad deal, with the only exception being owners of the RTX 2060, whose Founders Edition model was never priced with such a premium.    

This change in pricing and performance will lead to Nvidia’s RTX pricing trending downwards, with more premium models become closer to Nvidia’s MSRP prices while RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 non-Super models see reduced pricing thanks to Nvidia’s stronger Super series competition. With Navi’s launch on the horizon, Nvidia saw fit to lower their RTX pricing, at least on the high-end, though the RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition maintains its insane £1099 pricing. 

Nvidia Founders Edition Graphics  Geforce RTX 2080 Ti FE Geforce 
RTX 2080 Super
Geforce RTX 2080 FE Geforce 
RTX 2070 Super
Geforce RTX 2070 FE
RTX 2060 Super 
Geforce RTX 2060 FE
Architecture Turing Turing Turing Turing  Turing Turing  Turing
CUDA Cores 4,352 3072 2944 2560  2304 2176  1920
Base Clock
1350MHz 1650MHz 1510MHz 1605MHz 1410MHz 1470MHz  1345MHz
Boost Clock 1635MHz 1815MHz 1800MHz 1770MHZ  1710MHz 1650MHz  1680MHz
Memory Capacity 11GB 8GB 8GB 8GB  8GB 8GB  6GB
Memory Speed 14Gbps 15.5Gbps 14Gbps 14Gbps  14Gbps 14Gbps  14Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 616GB/s 496GB/s 448GB/s 448GB/s  448GB/s 448GB/s  336GB/s
Memory Bus Size 352-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit  256-bit  256-bit 192-bit
SLI Via NVLink Via 
Via NVLink ???  N/A N/A  N/A
US Pricing $1199 $699 $799 $499 $599 $429 $349
UK pricing £1099 £669 £749 £475 £569 £379 £329

With the incoming launch of AMD’s RX 5700 series of Navi graphics card, Nvidia wants to reshape the narrative by delivering higher price/performance ratios in the high-end of the PC market, undermining the value proposition of Navi in the process. We will find out on 7/7 how well RTX Super will compete with  Navi. 

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