Prepare For Black Friday with Overclockers UK

Prepare For Black Friday with Overclockers UK

Prepare For Black Friday with Overclockers UK


Black Friday is coming and with it comes the chaos of sales, but Overclockers UK plans on making the festivities a simple as possible, having deals from Thursday all the way until Tuesday morning. 

One thing to remember is that this week they will have their normal deals of the week, all of which will not be reduced any further as part of the Black Friday sales. 

Overclockers UK prides themselves to say that they are starting their Black Friday sales one day early, so that they can deliver your items on Black Friday, allowing you to put your bargains to good use while other people are swarming into shops all over the country.  


Prepare For Black Friday with Overclockers UK  (Why join this mess? Just shop online!)


Here is what Overclockers UK have shared with us about their Black Friday sale. 


      We’ve been preparing Black Friday, and we’re proud to announce that this will be the best Black Friday that we have ever done!

Here is early information that we can share with you, our This Week Only offers will be running tomorrow morning (Wednesday) as per normal. Any deals that are on This Week Only will NOT be further discounted for Black Friday, so customers can order in confidence and do not need to wait.

Black Friday will be starting early, the offers will start Thursday morning around 9AM so customers can receive and enjoy the hardware on Black Friday.

Black Friday will end on Tuesday morning, or when stock runs out, whichever comes sooner. – Cyber Monday is the Black Friday deals, however on Monday we will be running a great Today Only deal.

We expect demand to be high, so to avoid disappointment we recommend customers to make payment via credit/debit card via our secure checkout. Other payment systems may take longer.


I hope you guys have been saving up and have your wallets ready, as Overclockers say that there will good deals across their entire range of products, so there will almost certainly be a good deal for you. 


You can join the discussion on the Black Friday sales at Overclockers UK on the OC3D Forums.