Samsung plans to release 8K QLED Q900FN series TVs with AI Upscaling this October

Samsung plans to release 8K QLED Q900FN series TVs with AI Upscaling this October

Samsung plans to release 8K QLED Q900FN series TVs with AI Upscaling this October

Samsung has officially confirmed that their first 8K AI-powered displays will release this October in the UK and US, offering display resolutions that are four times higher than 4K and sixteen times higher than Full-HD (1080p). 

The flagship of this new TV lineup is the 85-inch Q900FN, though the range will also offer 65-inch, 76-inch and 82-inch variants. Samsung expects 75-inch TV sales to double by 2020, ushering in a new era of supermassive displays, complete with AI technology to upscale existing and future content.   

Today, 8K/7680×4320 content is almost non-existent, with 4K-ready display standards like HDMI 2.1 being in their infancy. This places Samsung in a strange position, as barely anything will be able to run on their 8K TVs at its native resolution, and future 8K-compatible HDMI 2.1 devices will likely be incompatible with this display, with Samsung’s press release mentioning no support for 8K compatible connectivity standards. 

Samsung plans to release 8K QLED Q900FN series TVs with AI Upscaling this October


Samsung’s solution to this problem is Artificial Intelligence, developing a new upscaling technology that can upscale SD, FHD and UHD/4K content to a full 8K resolution, by adding additional detail, reducing noise and restoring edges. 

Early reports on this upscaling technology from CES 2018 were positive, showcasing significant levels of improvement when compared to the upscaling technology of early 4K and 1080p televisions, accomplishing more accurate results than the oversharpening upscalers of yesteryear.   

    Samsung is the first manufacturer to implement artficial intelligence (AI) technology into a QLED TV. Adding machine learning to the TV’s repertoire of immersion-enhancing features has made it easy for users to enjoy a wide range of content in crystal clear 8K.

Samsung’s exclusive machine-learning technology automatically upscales lower-resolution videos into 8K picture quality, regardless of the video’s native resolution or method of transmission. The technology is powered by the Quantum Processor 8K, which, according to product planner BeomKyun Rha, was enhanced to better process details and lighting.


When it comes to HDR, Samsung’s new HDR screens are designed to offer peak brightness of up to 4,000 Nits, hoping to create the “world’s best TV”, not just the first AI-powered 8K TV. Today’s high-end 4K HDR TVs offer peak brightness levels that are as high as 1,500-2,000 nits, with standard TVs providing 300-400 nits, making the Q900R QLED TV a staggeringly bright display when compared to its peers.

This Quantum LED TV is said to offer a Direct Full Array Elite backlight for enhanced contrast and precise backlighting control, though sadly the exact specifications of this backlight are unknown. 

Samsung’s flagship 4K displays can cost as much as £5,000 today, which means that the company’s planned 8K AI-powered TVs are likely to set TV pricing to all-new heights, especially when combined with their ultra-bright HDR specifications. 
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