Something’s cooking at Nvidia – The “world’s largest graphics card”

Something's cooking at Nvidia - The

Something’s cooking at Nvidia – The “world’s largest graphics card”

Jensen’s got something cooking, and Nvidia says its the “world’s largest graphics card”. That’s right, Jensen himself has given us a sneak peek at what could be the most powerful graphics card on earth, and we should expect to see it again later this week. 

This Thursday, Nvidia plans t host its GTC 2020 Keynote, where EO Jensen Huang will showcase the company’s “latest platform breakthroughs in AI, Deep Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics and Professional Graphics”. 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Nvidia’s GTC 2020 keynote was postponed, but now Nvidia is ready to discuss the company’s future plans and possibly reveal some of their next-generation products. 

While we do not expect Nvidia to discuss their future Geforce gaming products, we do expect Nvidia to discuss their plans for the professional graphics market. Nvidia’s Volta V100 was announced in May 2017 and has been on the market for three years. Our guess is that Nvidia plans to reveal and Ampere-based replacement for its Volta series of graphics cards, hence Nvidia’s “Amped” teaser, bringing to market a new graphics architecture for the pro graphics market. 

With Ampere, we expect Nvidia to improve its AI performance significantly through the power of updated Tensor cores and other architectural enhancements. Nvidia hasn’t spoken about its Ampere architecture, so we can only guess at the architectural improvements that Nvidia plans to offer its customer. 

GTC 2020 will be streamed on YouTube on May 14th at 6 AM Pacific Time, which translates to 2 PM in the UK. 

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