The Oculus Quest will soon be able to play Rift games using a PC – Is the Rift S now pointless?

The Oculus Quest will soon be able to play Rift games using a PC - Is the Rift S now pointless?

The Oculus Quest will soon be able to play Rift games using a PC – Is the Rift S now pointless?

This November, Oculus plans to add plug and play PC gaming support to the company’s Quest VR headset. What this means is that Oculus’ Standalone VR headset will soon gain the ability to play Oculus Rift games, enabling the headset to support “high-end” VR experiences. 

So what does this mean for the Oculus Rift S? The simple answer is that we don’t know. Using the Oculus Quest on PC may have its limitations, especially with the connection being over USB-C. Yes, Oculus plans to release a “premium optical fiber” cable for the purposes of high-end connectivity, but even then we do not know what the limitations of Quest-to-PC connectivity are. Will the headset connect directly to the user’s graphics card? Will this only be via a USB-C standard like Vituallink? 

The answer to the question “Is the Oculus Rift S dead?” is simple. Not yet. If Quest-to-PC connectivity has major downsides, then the Rift S isn’t dead, far from it. If not, then Oculus needs to consider reducing the price of its PC exclusive VR headset. 

With this update, the Oculus Quest will transform from a standalone VR headset for low-end gaming into a device which can play Quest games on the go while also offering full-PC connectivity for high-end VR gaming. In effect, the Oculus Quest has the potential to become the “best of both worlds” headset for VR gaming. 

    Oculus Link is a new way for people who own a Quest headset to access Rift content and experiences from their gaming PC. Starting this November, anyone who owns Quest and a gaming PC will have access to popular Rift games with Oculus Link software, which can be used with most high-quality USB 3 cables.

Later this year, we’ll release a premium optical fiber cable to provide a best-in-class experience with maximum throughput and comfortable ergonomics. For developers, this means it’s now possible to build high-end PC games and experiences while taking advantage of the biggest possible market and connecting with new audiences as the Quest community grows.

Oculus Link is truly the best of both worlds: the high-end gaming of Rift when connected to a PC, with the ease and portability of Quest on-the-go.  

With Oculus being so light on the details, we simply cannot know how viable the Oculus Quest will be as a PC VR headset. Regardless, PC connectivity will be a great option for both existing and future users of the Oculus Quest, even if it comes with limitations. Those who say that the “Oculus Rift S is dead” will need to wait for a few more details to release before committing to this opinion. At a minimum Oculus may need to reconsider the Rift S’ £399 price tag. 

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