Total War: WARHAMMER release date announced

Total War: WARHAMMER release date announced

Total War: WARHAMMER release date announced


Total War: Warhammer will be very different from any other previous Total War game, adding magic and non-human races like trolls, and now dwarfs.

In the first Total War: Warhammer introducing series we saw Demi-griffs, a horse like animal which which is much more deadly in battle. The second introducing trailer showcases the Dwarfen race, which has sports some of the best equipment in the game and some of the most powerful warriors, at least for their size.   Now we can have a look at the Chaos Warriors, which will sadly be a race which will be behind a pre-order/ DLC paywall. 

This trailer also announced this game’s release date, which will be April 28th 2016. 



While in the past there have been factions which were DLC only in Total War titles, all the factions were human previously and used similar tech, meaning that players didn’t really lose much without that single faction, this time this is not the case as every race works very differently and has unique units, abilities and strengths. 


   The Chaos Warriors Race Pack brings a new race with its own new Legendary Lords, units, mounts, items, quest chains and mechanics to Total War: WARHAMMER, such as:

• Three new playable Legendary Lords. 
• New Chaos Warrior mounts, units and monsters.
• New quests, magic items and abilities. 
• New horde campaign playstyle.

Lead the corrupted Chaos hordes as one of three new playable Legendary Lords. Embrace the Ruinous Powers as you embark on brand new quest chains, unlocking powerful items and gaining glory in the name of the dark Chaos Gods. 


This video is just a little taste of what is to come from Total War: Warhammer, which while it has me very excited, to say the least, I have to remind you that Creative Assembly has had a track record for releasing Total War games in a buggy state, so I would not advise that anyone Pre-order this title, despite the Pre-order bonus.

Total War Warhammer will be releasing on PC on April 28th 2016, provided that there are no delays in it’s development. 


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