ViewSonic’s new VX1755 monitor is purpose built for mobile gaming

ViewSonic new VX1755 monitor is purpose built for mobile gaming

ViewSonic targets portable console and PC gamers with their new VX1755 monitor

ViewSonic’s latest monitor, the VX1755, is a portable gaming screen that explicitly targets PC and console gamers, acting as a high refresh rate portable display option that can enable on-the-go gaming for many users an enhanced productivity for laptop users.

With a 17-inch 144Hz IPS screen, the ViewSonic VX1755 is an excellent portable display option, offering users Mini-HDMI and USB Type-C input options for users. This screen can be used as a portable easy-to-use add-on add-on for laptops, enhancing mobile productivity by giving users access to a secondary screen. The screen’s use of a 3.5mm audio jack also allows users of this screen to connect headphones to the screen, which is a useful feature for those who wish to use tis screen with consoles like Microsoft’s compact Xbox Series S system.

ViewSonic has listed their VX1755 screen as featuring FreeSync Premium support, which means that this screen supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology. This technology is incredibly useful for gamers, as VRR can provide more fluid gaming experiences with no screen-tearing.

ViewSonic’s VX1755 portable gaming screen has a recommended retail price of $299. More details about the screen are available in the press release below. 

ViewSonic new VX1755 monitor is purpose built for mobile gaming

PR – ViewSonic Introduces New Portable Monitor Designed for Mobile, PC and Console Gaming

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, announces the introduction of its latest portable monitor, the VX1755. Designed for mobile, PC and console gaming, the VX1755 is engineered to deliver a powerful gaming experience in a compact and portable design.

With a native 1080p Full HD resolution, a 144 Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium technology, the VX1755 offers smooth gameplay and amazing picture quality. It can also be paired with laptops and tablets, so users can experience additional screen space for non-gaming applications and to boost productivity.

The ViewSonic VX1755 comes with two USB Type-C ports for the quick and easy transmission of video, and audio, when using a console, or to connect the keyboard and mouse when using a PC. Super slim, compact, and lightweight, the VX1755 is the ideal screen companion for gaming on-the-go, fitting perfectly into bags or backpacks.

“We’re excited about the launch of VX1755 portable gaming monitor,” said Ray Hedrick, business line manager for Gaming and Touch Monitors at ViewSonic. “The feature set, size and weight of the VX1755 makes is a great complementary screen for those gamers that travel or just want a bigger screen than their phones when playing a game. We engineered it to deliver an excellent viewing experience with the refresh rate, resolution, and technology that gamers look for in a monitor, then made it portable. With the price point and transportability, ViewSonic is thrilled that we’re able to offer this model as part of our portable monitor line-up.”

VX1755 Portable Gaming Monitor

– 17.2-inch portable monitor with a native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution
– 144 Hz refresh rate, 4 ms response time and AMD FreeSync Premium technology
– Connectors include: two USB Type-C for 2-way charging, mini-HDMI and 3.5 mm headphone jack
– Less than one-inch thick (0.6-inch) with a weight of 2.2 pounds
– 3-sided bezel-less design with built-in stand for portrait and landscape orientation; dual integrated speakers
– Available: Now with an estimated street price of $299.00

For more information, visit the product page.

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ViewSonic new VX1755 monitor is purpose built for mobile gaming