Yes, Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is still available for MSRP

Yes, Nvidia's RTX 4070 is still available for MSRP

You can still buy an RTX 4070 at its MSRP

It wasn’t long ago that finding a graphics card for its recommended retail price (RRP) was a legendary event, back when cryptocurrency miners were buying every GPU they could get their hands on and gamers were forced to pay obscene prices for new hardware. Now, GPU mining has all but disappeared, and graphics cards are now readily available. Even so, it is not uncommon for graphics cards to sell out on launch day, and for MSRP/RRP cards being the first to sell out. 

Yesterday, Nvidia released their RTX 4070 graphics card, and it launched with an RRP of £589 in the UK. Today, RTX 4070 graphics cards remain available at their RRP pricing, which is a sign that Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is less popular than the Nvidia hoped. Across most UK components retailers, Nvidia RTX 4070 graphics cards remain available for its UK RRP, with some even selling for slightly below that price. 

Why isn’t the RTX 4070 selling?

There are a lot of things that can be said in the RTX 4070’s favour. It carries the same MSRP as Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti and offers gamers 50% more memory, more raw throughput, and support for new features like AV1 encoding and DLSS 3 (DLSS Frame Generation). That said, what Nvidia are offering is RTX 3080 performance levels with an MSRP that is $50 lower, which isn’t a huge generational upgrade.

The primary selling points of Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is its added VRAM and Nvidia’s RTX 40 series feature set. If DLSS 3 and AV1 encoding are not a big deal to you, it is easy to see why Nvidia’s RTX 4070 isn’t a huge upgrade over Nvidia’s RTX 3080. Beyond that, Nvidia’s RTX 3070 launched with an MSRP of $499, and a lot of people are not happy that Nvidia want an extra $100 for an Nvidia RTX XX70 class graphics card.

Yes, Nvidia's RTX 4070 is still available for MSRP

To say the least, a lot of people wanted to see a larger performance uplift from Nvidia. As it stands, Nvidia are offering gamers a small increase in performance per dollar and some extra RTX 40 series features. Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is a solid product, but it is not ground-breaking.

Nvidia’s MSRP RTX 4070 graphics card did not sell out on launch day, which is a clear sign that the graphics card is less popular than Nvidia hoped. It is not uncommon for lower priced graphics cards to sell out within minutes of hours of launch, leaving late purchasers to pay a premium for more costly GPU models. That isn’t the case for Nvidia’s RTX 4070.

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