Britain’s top tea brand, Yorkshire Tea, are now selling branded Xbox and PS5 controllers

Yorkshire Tea have entered the custom gamepad market with branded Xbox and PlayStation 5 controllers

Yorkshire Tea, one of the UK’s top tea brands, have just launched a brew-tea-ful set of custom gamepads for gamers to enjoy. The company has worked with POPeART to create branded Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 controllers. The idea came from social media, with Yorkshire tea spotting a concept design online and a lot of interested gamers.

With an asking price of £150 each, these custom controllers are only for the most hardcore of tea drinkers. Normally, gamers will be paying £50-60 for a new gamepad, excluding discounts. The high price of these controllers come from their limited run status, their custom-printed shells, and their custom buttons. Yorkshire tea even claims that there is a “Special button that boils your kettle (not really)”. Shame, that would have been a nifty feature.

These new gamepads promise to be a “actual, proper” controllers that give gamers access to “the power of tea”.

Picture the scene. You’re facing down a boss with three heads and a hammer as big as a truck, armed with nothing but a rusty sword you looted from a guard. Gulping, you look down at the controller in your hands, wondering if victory is even possible. And you see it – the reassuring branding of your favourite tea. “Yes”, you say to yourself. “I can do this”.

You begin the fight and are immediately one-shotted. You’re clearly way too low level for this area. On behalf of Yorkshire Tea, we would like to apologise for this and any other in-game mishaps caused by the powerful feeling of self-belief our controller will fill you with.

Yorkshire tea’s custom Xbox and PlayStation 5 gamepads are now available on the company’s “Little Shop of Proper”. Here, the company sells a bunch of other branded merch for the tea drinkers in your life. Proper products for proper tea drinkers.

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