Microsoft Launches $40 Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Microsoft Launches $40 Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000Microsoft Hardware today launched a new wireless mouse that has been designed specifically for netbooks. The software giant hopes to capture a major portion of the netbook market with its $40 Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000.
The trendy, 2.4in x 4in mouse features a really small USB transmitter that can easily be left plugged in on the netbook at all times. Extending just about a centimetre out of the side of the system, the transmitter is as unobtrusive as it can get. The only part that Microsoft seems to have taken for granted is that most netbooks have at least one extra USB port that can be dedicated to the mouse.
Available in a range of five bright colours, the new mouse will hit retail stores in August. Microsoft believes it has a winner in the Mobile Mouse 4000 as the device is based on its latest BlueTrack technology. BlueTrack has been touted as superior to traditional laser and optical technologies and reportedly allows the mouse to perform well even on smooth or uneven surfaces.
While the mouse sounds like a neat package, Microsoft might face a hurdle in terms of the price tag it has put on the mouse. At $40, the mouse costs nearly 10% of the price of a netbook, making it something of a costly proposition.
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