Razer opens a Kickstarter for Left-Handed Naga Trinity mice

Razer opens a Kickstarter for Left-Handed Naga Trinity mice

Razer opens a Kickstarter for Left-Handed Naga Trinity mice

Let’s face it; most modern PCs aren’t made with left-handers in mind. Yes, some systems ship with ambidextrous mice, but we should all know that the left-handed community isn’t offered the same levels of ergonomics and support as our right-handed brothers and sisters.    

As a left-handed PC gamer, I know this problem all too well, long ago deciding to adopt a right-handed mousing position. How else would I use those buttons on the left side of the mouse, especially on multi-button gaming mice?

Back in 2010, Razer created the first left-handed gaming mouse, the DeathAdder Left-Handed Edition, catering to the 10% of PC gamers who would otherwise be forced to make use of their non-dominant hand or throw the idea of ergonomics out the window by using their left hand on a right-handed device. 

While the idea of a left-handed gaming mouse was popular, sales were not so encouraging. Over the past six years, Razer has sold thousands of left-handed mice, a number that the company says is similar to the number of right-handed mice that the company sells daily. Selling left-handed versions of their modernised mice lineup have become increasingly complex and costly over time, all for a small market of appreciative users.  

Razer is not willing to throw in the towel and abandon the left-handed gaming community, with the company’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, admitting on Twitter that the company has been selling these mice for several years at a loss.  

To create their next left-handed mouse, Razer has hit Kickstarter, hoping to raise $990,000 to build a the Razer NAGA Trinity Left-Handed Edition, allowing them to design and create the mouse from its early research phases all the way to manufacturing, packaging and shipping. 


The NAGA Trinity is a complex mouse, one which is designed primarily for MOBA and MMO play, with three optional sides that can be used to best cater to the needs of specific games. World of Warcraft players have a 12-button layout, MOBA players have a 7-button config, and general users can switch in a standard two button side plate for day-to-day tasks. 

Just like the standard Razer Naga Trinity, the Left-Handed Edition will feature classic Razer Mechanical Switches, Razer’s advanced 5G Advanced 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor, and support for Razer Chroma. A limited Edition Southpaw Solidarity Goliathus Speed mousemat (not the design below) is also available to backers in higher funding tiers. 

Razer opens a Kickstarter for Left-Handed Naga Trinity mice

Razer has until September 1st to raise the funds they need to develop and ship their Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition mice, with the company raising over $21,000 so far, though this accounts for less than 2.5% of the company’s required total. 

Early bird backers will be able to spend $89 for one of Razer’s first Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition mice, assuming the company can raise the fund required to kickstart the project. 

Do you think Razer can raise $990,000 in time? You can join the discussion on Razer’s plans to Kickstart their Naga Trinity Left-Handed Edition Mouse on the OC3D Forums.