Razer Launches Ultrathin Gaming Grade Mousing Surface

Razer Launches Ultrathin Gaming Grade Mousing Surface 
Razer have been relatively quiet on the news front since the launch of the Razer Mamba, but today a new product has entered the spotlight, albeit a considerably less exciting piece of kit. The Razer Sphex is the first Gaming Grade Desktop Skin with a distinctive ultrathin form factor. The Sphex becomes the world’s thinnest gaming-grade mousing surface. How thin exactly is not known, but we will take their word for it.
The mousing surface has been designed to work  with both optical and laser mice offering support for a plethora of gaming mice. The surface is made of an extremely durable material allowing it to be wiped and washed repeatedly should the user wish to do so, without having any adverse effects on the tracking or finish of the surface. The Sphex is also able to adhere to your desk or whatever surface you use your mouse on, and can be detached for use elsewhere should the occasion arise.
The Sphex is an ample size for most gamers at 320mm by 230mm, offering plenty of room for comfortable movement of the mouse without having to continually move the mouse from the edge of the surface back to the middle. The thin design offers a restrictionless gaming environment allowing the user to focus on the game and not on the equipment he/she is using at the time. The Sphex as you would imagine will be available worldwide and costs US: $14.99, Europe €14.9.
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