Apacer launches its NOX series of Gaming DDR5 memory modules

Apacer launches its NOX series of Gaming DDR5 memory modules

Apacer’s promising DDR5 memory with speeds of up to 7,200 MT/s for gamers

Apacer has just confirmed that their DDR5 memory modules are now available, adding some much-needed supply to the highly constrained DDR5 memory market. Currently, the world’s DDR5 memory supply is expected to greatly improve in early 2022, though it will take a while (likely several years) before DDR5 memory becomes as affordable as DDR4. 

With their NOX series DDR5 modules, Apacer has promised strong overclocking support through Intel’s XMP 3.0 technology, as the company plans to launch NOX series modules with speeds of between 5200 MT/s and 7200 MT/s. Sadly, Apacer has not revealed the CL timings of these new DDR5 memory modules. 

Apacer has also revealed DDR5-4800 modules that are compliant with JEDEC’s DDR5 memory standards. These modules promise to deliver greater performance and boosted efficiency over DDR4 memory modules. What follows is Apacer’s Press Release.  

Apacer launches its NOX series of Gaming DDR5 memory modules

PR – Apacer Announces NOX DDR5 Memory Series

Apacer’s consumer and gaming DDR5 memory modules are finally available! The DDR5-4800 delivers 16 GB of DRAM at 4800 MHz and draws just 1.1 V. That leaves DDR4 modules far behind in the rear-view mirror. Performance, capacity, stability and power efficiency are all taken to the next level. In addition to the standard DDR5 memory module, Apacer is launching a NOX DDR5 gaming memory module. This will provide gamers with extremely stable overclocking capabilities with a single click. Power consumption management is also upgraded in DDR5.

Apacer’s DDR5-4800 modules are compliant with the JEDEC standard. And their operating frequency of 4800 MHz is a 50% increase in bandwidth compared to the standard DDR4 upper frequency limit of 3200 MHz.

1.1 V Operating Voltage for Greater Efficiency
Compare to DDR4, the power consumption of DDR5 has been reduced from 1.2 V to 1.1 V, making them 8% more efficient. And Apacer builds them using JEDEC-certified power management ICs, which create more stable power supply and keep noise in the circuit to a minimum.

Supports On-die ECC for Greater Stability

The DDR5-4800 modules also support on-die error correction, which keeps the system stable by automatically correct data errors if they appear.

One-click Overclocking Capabilities for Gamers
E-sports competitors will appreciate the fact that the NOX DDR5 module supports Intel XMP 3.0 one-click overclocking technology, giving them a performance boost whenever they need it. In fact, Apacer NOX DDR5 models are expected to feature processing speeds of 5200 MHz to 7200 MHz. And the ink-splash imagery makes it an eye-catching addition to any powergamer’s rig. Apacer’s latest contribution to the consumer and gaming DDR5 market is yet another example of its commitment to “Adding Value, Enhancing Collaboration.”

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