DDR5 prices continue to drop – 32GB of Corsair VENGEANCE DDR5-6000 CL36 for £120

DDR5 prices continue to drop - 32GB of Corsair VENGEANCE DDR5-6000 CL36 for £120

DDR5 pricing is improving, and hopefully it keeps getting better from here

Now is a great time to pick up some DDR5 memory, as high-speed, low-latency DDR5 memory modules are becoming increasingly affordable. Today, a 32GB (2x16GB) kit of Corsair Vengeance DDR5-6000 memory with CL36 timings is now available for under £120, which is around half the price that a similar kit would sell for this time last year.

With DDR5 memory prices falling, DDR5-based CPU platforms are now becoming a lot more appealing to PC builders, finally allowing the PC market to move away from DDR4 and fully into the DDR5 memory era. 

For PC builders, DDR5-6000 memory with sub-CL40 timings represent great value for money for buyers, especially if you are planning to build a Ryzen 7000 based system. Achieving higher speeds with AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors can be a tricky proposition, and while faster memory kits can work with Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake processors more reliably, higher-speed DDR5 modules come at a premium. 

While DDR4 memory remains more affordable in cost/GB terms, high-speed DDR5 memory can often deliver stronger performance in CPU/memory limited games, and offer users higher levels of total bandwidth, both of which are great perks for the new memory type.

Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-6000 – Amazon UK

– Corsair VENGEANCE 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-6000MHz C36 AMD Optimised Desktop Memory – £199.99

DDR5 prices continue to drop - 32GB of Corsair VENGEANCE DDR5-6000 CL36 for £120

Now that DDR5 memory prices have fallen and more affordable current-generation Intel and AMD motherboards are more readily available, the newest DDR5-based CPU platforms are now a lot more appealing to budget-minded PC builders. It wasn’t long ago that DDR5 was double the price it is today, and it is possible that DDR5 pricing may lower further over the next few months. 

If you are building a new PC today, there are some great DDR5 memory deals to be had. The Corsair Vengeance kit that we have highlighted today is but one example, and it often pays to shop around to make sure that you are getting the best PC component deals. 

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