Gamers report damage to GPUs from RGB lighting on memory modules

DRAM RGB LEDs may be harmful to GPU backplates

Over the weekend, several Reddit users (via Videocardz) have reported strange problems involving their graphics cards and RGB illuminated memory. Images showcasing the damage that the RGB lights on memory kits have caused to graphics cards are now online. This damage appears in the form of discolouration that matches the lighting patterns of RGB memory kits.

What caused this damage? It’s hypothesised that some RGB illuminated DRAM kits are emitting ultra-violet (UV) light. This UV light could damage the paintwork on some graphics cards. This suggests that this problem could be solved if memory manufacturers use LEDs that emit less UV light. Additionally, GPU manufacturers could also use less reactive paints on GPU backplates?

Right now, it is unclear what exactly has caused this issue. Obviously, DRAM manufacturers and GPU manufacturers should investigate this issue, and prevent this from happening to future products.

(Image from Reddit)

Given the popularity of RGB illuminated hardware, it is important that the industry works to solve this problem. Nobody wants a damaged GPU, especially by something as simple as light. Yes, the damage is cosmetic. Regardless, it’s damage that’s avoidable.

You can join the discussion on RGB illuminated memory kits reportedly damaging GPUs on the OC3D Forums.

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